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NATIONAL SERVICE of REMEMBRANCE 2016 (Updated 11 Aug 16)

11 August 2016

National Service of Remembrance 2016 – Borderer Participation (Updated 11 August 2016)




Sunday the 13th of November 2016, LONDON

The KOSB Association has been allocated 80 places for the annual Remembrance Sunday Service and March Past at the Cenotaph on Sunday 13th November 2016. Participation in the ceremony is by prearrangement with admission to pass holders only.  A total of 75 applications to attend have been received and the list is now closed in preparation for submission to the Royal British Legion. Further details of the parade have been promulgated to those Borderers who have applied to participate.

They are:

Peter Aitken, Allan Alstead, David Bradley, Alistair Busby, Neil Carlyle, James Christie, Russell Combe, John Cooper, James Corrigan, James Corrigan, William Craig, John Crawford, David Dodds,  Ian Domingo, Richard Edlmann, Magnus Falk, William Fairgrieve, Alan Forman, Roy Fraser, Ken Fraser, William Graham, Daniel Green, John Greenwood, David Hamilton, Kevin Hart, David Harvey, William Heaney, Andrew Herberts, Brian Higgins, Peter Hogg, Colin Hogg, Grant Horsburgh, Hugh Hoskins, Stewart Howatson, Andrew Jackson, Lasho Jankiewicz, Robert Kernahagn, John Kirkwood, Ian Lowis, Martin Linaker, Kit Locke, Bernard Loughran, William Lundy, Charles Maclean-Bristol, Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, Andrew McGuffie, William McLaren, Kerry McLean, David McLeary, Edward Mahony, Simon Marshall, Colin Mattingley, Paul Middlemiss, Ed Murphy, Ian Noble, Gerry O’Neill, Ian Orr, George Patterson, Ben Peck, John Pullman, Euan Russell, James Scott, Donald Seaton, Ian Spence, Thaomas Spence, John Steele, Gerry Taylor, Andrew Todd. Peter Walton, Angus Ward, Brian Weatherburn, Paul Weatherburn, Tom Walsh, Frank Whitrhouse, Iain Whitely and Andrew Watson.

Saturday 12th November.  A reminder that the London and Southern Counties Branch Autumn Lunch will take place at The Victory Services Club, Seymour Street, at 1230hrs on Saturday 12th November. The lunch will be preceded by the Cross Planting Ceremony at Westminster Abbey Garden of Remembrance at 1030hrs. Further details of these two events will be posted in due course.  


“Always a Borderer”




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