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1 SCOTS – New Role Update

19 December 2016

How it affects The Royal Regiment of Scotland
The latest refinements to the British Army’s force structure to deliver the capabilities set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2015 have been announced in Parliament.
The announcement explains how the Army is aligning its force structures to meet the changing security context as was set out in SDSR 15.
The reorganisation means a new role for 1 SCOTS which will become one of four Specialised Infantry Battalions, tailored for expert operational capacity building tasks. The change means the Battalion will move from Belfast to Aldershot by 2019.
There will be an administrative change for the Regiment too.
The Scottish and The Prince of Wales’s Administrative Divisions of Infantry will merge, incorporating The Royal Regiment of Scotland, The RoyalWelsh Regiment and The Royal Irish Regiment. This administrative division will be called The Scottish, Welsh and Irish Division.
There will be no changes to the names or regimental construct of TheRoyal Regiment of Scotland, The Mercian Regiment, The Royal WelshRegiment, or The Royal Irish Regiment as a result of these administrative changes.
You can read the full Parliamentary statement here:…/writte…/Lords/2016-12-15/HLWS366/

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