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29 April 2022


The EDINBURGH KILT WALK is taking place on Sunday 18 September 2022, the aim is to get as many KOSB Cap badged Veterans to take part on the Big Stroll walk (14.6 miles) through the city of Edinburgh for Who Dares Cares. This is a great event organised by George Ross Jnr to help raise some funds for our Association and to raise awareness of veterans issues.

Each Veteran would be asked to raise the minimum of £100.00 for Who Dares Cares on their Kiltwalk Just Giving Page and the KOSB Association would receive 25% profit after the event from Who Dares Cares.  Every single penny raised, will be topped up by a HUGE 50%* thanks to the generosity of Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation. This means if a Veteran raises £100 for Who Dares Cares, we’ll receive £150 and the profit to the KOSB Association will increase.

Who Dares Cares will pay for all registration fees and each Veteran will receive a Who Dares Cares Kiltwalk t-shirt after they’ve raised £25.00 on their Kiltwalk Just Giving Page.

Veterans can visit our website to start the registration process below, once applications are received the promotional codes will be ordered and sent directly to participants with further instructions on setting up their Kiltwalk Just Giving page.
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