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Funeral Of Warrant Officer Ian Winstone KOSB And 22 SAS

16 April 2018



The funeral of Warrant Officer Class 2 Ian (Winnie) Winstone took place in Hereford on 28th March 2018.  Born and brought up in Douglas, Lanarkshire, his ambition from childhood was to be a soldier; at the first opportunity he was a KOSB boy entrant at IJLB Oswestry, then joined the 1st Battalion in Osnabruck, where he became a Cpl in the Recce Platoon.  In 1971 he passed SAS selection and served subsequently with 22 SAS for the remainder of his military service, becoming SSM of G Squadron.   On retirement he stayed in the Hereford area but never forgot his roots with the KOSB.  Diagnosed with cancer he planned his funeral to include a KOSB piper and requested that the KOSB Regimental flag be placed on his coffin, together with that of 22 SAS.

The service at St Martin’s Church was standing room only, attended en masse by former SAS men, principally from G Squadron and including at least one retired Major-General, and a contingent of Borderers wearing Glengarries and Leslie tartan.   We were met at the church by Cliff McVeigh and presented with Minden roses to wear, and a copy of the Minden Address.   The roses provoked much interest and numerous questions.  The eulogy to Winnie made reference to his pride in his three sons (“perfect family, a 4-man patrol!”), and in Scotland and the KOSB, which he never lost.

A group photo of the Borderer contingent was taken at the cemetery, showing (L to R) Dick Taylor, Cliff McVeigh, Derek McNeish, Andy Liddell, Ian Domingo and Bill McKenna.  We then adjourned for refreshments, where another former Borderer, Lt Col Bill Mundell, reminisced about his National Service with the KOSB in Korea  (C Coy, commanded by Maj Tommy Little and then Maj Richard Irvine), followed by joining the SAS in Malaya and serving with Bill Speakman VC and Bill Dover.   He eventually became QM 22 SAS, stayed in the Hereford area on retirement and is still lean, ramrod straight and has an excellent memory!


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