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23 April 2021


On this day 23rd April 1951 the men of 1 KOSB landed at INCHON in SOUTH KOREA to take over from 1 A&SH. The Bn was under the Command of Lt Col JFM MacDonald OBE and consisted of around 60% National Servicemen. Almost immediately the Borderers were sent into action without any of their heavy weapons and equipment. Each man was issued 20 rounds and then moved forward to KAPYONG just South of the 38th parallel. They would then engage the enemy during a large Chinese offensive in which the GLOUCESTERS were fighting a desperate defensive action.

The Borderers would learn quickly how to deal with a determined enemy in very harsh terrain with extremes of temperature. Prior to deployment the Commanding Officer had ensured the Bn was trained to peak fitness and battle discipline.  The Borderers would remain in Korea until 12 August 1952. In almost daily contact with the enemy during patrolling, routine in defence and even in the rear areas within Artillery range, the Borderers fought with great courage in a war of attrition.

The Borderers would pay a heavy price with 64 Borderers killed in action and 218 wounded in action. The gallantry of the Borderers would be recognised with the award of 1 VC, 5 DSOs, 5 MCs, 3 DCMs, 12 MMs, 24 MiDs.

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