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5 February 2018


Some of you may have seen the post on several Facebook groups, others may have read an article in local Borders Newspapers. The Regimental Band are back!  After 25 years in exile following the 1993 options for change, the band are reforming to perform at this years Minden Parade. There will be a specially commissioned Fanfare played using the original band Fanfare Trumpets courtesy of The Maltings in Berwick who now own them. Our Regimental Band will lead the ‘march on’ at Berwick. During the Presentation of the Roses the band in concert formation led by former Bandmaster Peter Butler will play incidental music which will include a piece entitled Minden RoseFor the march through Berwick, the Regimental Band will led by Rab Bolton acting as Drum Major and music will include a brand new arrangement of ‘Hey Wee Maun’ by Mark Smith.
In the evening the Fanfare team will play another fanfare at The Maltings following a drinks reception prior to their reunion dinner.
This is a very special occasion for the band. Since the disbanding we have held a biennial reunion, usually in September, but with it being the 25th anniversary and we are getting fewer as we grow older, it was felt reuniting for Minden would be great not only for us but for the Regiment. During our weekend reunion we usually have members having a small golf tournament, some go fishing, others visit the museum. Family members also come along and take part in the weekend activities. In fact several family members are joining in with the band! 

We look forward to meeting a lot of old comrades and new friends in July.

                                                                “Always Borderers”

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