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29 October 2020

Borderers, the MALAYAN VETERANS DINNER was held annually for many years under the guidance of the late Josh White, the late Frank Coutts, Allan Alstead and a determined band of Borderers. It was decided that this years dinner would be last due to the advancing years of the Malayan veterans, sadly the COVID 19 crisis prevented this happening. As a result it was agreed by the committee that the fund be wound up and that any remaining money would be donated to the KOSB ASSOCIATION FUND.

Today the President was notified that the sum of £1239.52 was being donated by the Malayan Veterans to the Association fund. The President would like to thank Allan Alstead, John Aitkin, Ogilvie Dickson, Jon Jon White, Esther Crawford, the late John Crawford, the late Marsh Graham,  Avril Allison, and the late Carolyn Stewart and all the Malayan Veterans for this very kind gesture which will be used to help those Borderers in need.

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