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14 June 2021


The Trustees AGM was held on Friday 11 June and after discussion it was decided that the MINDEN day parade at Berwick on Sat 31 July should be cancelled in its usual format. Whilst this is a great disappointment the safety of Borderers and the wider population is paramount.

We have spent many hours in discussion with the Police and local authorities to try and engineer a solution and have taken their advice and listened to their concerns regarding a large uncontrolled event taking place. There are no events in Berwick this year all have been cancelled, all the Common Ridings in the Borders have been cancelled, so the chances of our parade going ahead were always slim.

There is also the added complication of different levels in different parts of Scotland which go against the Government instructions in England.

We however, will still aspire to commemorate our most famous battle by holding “Mini Mindens” at local and Branch level. As you will remember we did this last year with great success.

There are many of you out there who are not members of a Branch and who may want to be involved, you should contact your nearest Branch in London, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Dumfries, Stranraer and Berwick.

The Association will support the parades similar to last year with funding for roses and light refreshments, a detailed instruction will be produced in early July as Government instructions are released. While things are subject to change we should be prepared to cancel everything.

Please direct questions to RHQ email:


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