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23 February 2021


During the re-rolling of 1 SCOTS into a Specialist Infantry Battalion (SpecInf Bn) there was no establishment created for a Pipes and Drums platoon. The Commanding Officer tried to maintain a working band; however, due to the nature of the Battalion’s role and deployments, this proved unsustainable. The decision was made some 18 months ago to move the P&D personnel to Balaklava Company, 5 SCOTS, in Edinburgh. This has also proved to be very difficult to manage as, once again, there is no formal establishment, and the pipers and drummers were effectively mis-employed on the black economy. As a result, our pipers and drummers did not have a proper career path or appropriate career management.  This was clearly very unsatisfactory for all concerned.  Therefore, in order to provide the correct career management for the soldiers involved, it was recently proposed to the Colonel of the Regiment that the remaining P&D personnel be re-distributed to pipe bands around the other SCOTS Bns.

In the week beginning 15 Feb 2021 the Colonel of the Regiment made the decision to disband the 1 SCOTS P&D platoon, with all remaining soldiers being posted to piping and drumming posts in 2 SCOTS, 3 SCOTS or 4 SCOTS, and they were able to select which Battalions to move to.

This will inevitably mean that no items of KOSB piping and drumming uniform or accoutrements will be seen on parade again with a Regular band. This is very sad for us all who recall marching proudly behind the skirl of the pipes and the beat of the drum as they played ‘Blue Bonnets’.  The upside, however, is that our people will be properly employed and managed in P&D posts, and be able to enjoy the benefits of a piping or drumming career. Be assured that none of the others three SpecInf Bns have retained their Drums or Bugles Platoons, and so all of these battalions are in the same situation.

All KOSB Regimental property held by 1 SCOTS P&D will be checked and returned to RHQ in Berwick where it will be properly secured and, as appropriate, incorporated into a suitable display.

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