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SOMME 100 – “The Movie”

7 December 2016

Faffemont Farm attack revisited – What a day that was and it still makes us go all shivery , thinking of Keith and Liz’s words at the farm, finding the UXBs at the roadside and the battlefield debris littered all over that very unvisited wood, Pipey’s playing, marching up to the wood precisely 100 years to the second later, and us frantically trying to get the big wooden cross dug into rock hard French soil! And Cpl Richard Howard’s and over 200 + more of 2 KOSB’s sacrifice that day on 3 Sep 1916.
With a massive amount of thanks to Danny Thornton , our own Film maker, we have pleasure in telling you where we now are with the Somme trip film.
Danny has done a fabulous job condensing the trip into a short 7 minutes documentary- available to see on this link on you tube:
Danny has also edited the many hours of film he shot, to be encompassed in a DVD of Keith’s talks and some of our other experts. John Ross and I aim to send this out to personal addresses by C’mas. There will be no charge for this- we had a little bit of the Legion Scotland money left over in our kitty- renewed thanks to them for their support !Those on the cc list, watch until the end, as some of you are listed in the credits.
Plans are afoot to do a small trip to Passchendaele 100 next August- it won’t be an epic production like the last 2 , but will be more of a get yourself to this place on this date , and we will take you along …we are going to ask Keith Dolan to do the honours though! Remember we won 2 VCs in one day on 16 August 1917- Skinner and Grimbaldeston- and we are planning to unveil our WW1 KOSB  memorial plaque near Zonnebeke next summer too. We’ve just had official permission from the Burgermeister of Zonnebeke to do that . Once plans are clearer ,and Ian Gibbs is kindly haggling now over a few rooms in Ypres, we will let you know . It will be around 15- 20 August 2017 .
Once a Borderer Always a Borderer
Andy M and John R.

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