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The Scotland’s War Quilting Exhibition

16 August 2017

The Scotland’s War Quilting Exhibition

The KOSB Regimental Museum is delighted to host the World War One quilting exhibition, Scotland’s War: Our War in Quilts. The exhibition is made up of fifteen individual quilted panels and each panel covers a specific theme relating to Scotland’s contribution to the 1914-1919 conflict. The quilts have been exhibited to critical aclaim in various venues, including the Andrew Carnegie Museum in Fife and the Scottish Parliament.

The beautifully constructed panels were made by ladies from the Milton Quilters and they are located at Fisherrow Community Centre, Musselburgh.

The exhibition will run until Friday 1st. September

Aftermath Exhibition

In the Spring of 2018 the KOSB Regimental Museum will be proud to host an exhibition that focusses on the social, health, economic and political after-effects of the Great War on returning servicemen, their families and communities.

It is only fitting that  within the centenary commemorations the aftermath effects of the war are highlighted. It was a long and bloody conflict and it was not without serious and disturbing consequences for those who were on the fighting fronts and their loved ones on the Home Fronts.

The exhibition is suitably titled, Aftermath, and not only will it be on display at the Regimental Museum, it is also designed to be a public engagement travelling exhibition with public lectures.

Further information on the launch of the exhibition will be highlighted on the Association website early in 2018.

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